Back here again!

Well, after an absence of about six years, I’m re-activating this blog.

The mountain guiding was good fun while it lasted, but I think it has run its course now, so that website is being discontinued, and I’m back here.

Let’s see what happens.

Chìtheamaid dè a tachair.

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A new blog beckons . . . Wyvis Walks!

After passing the Mountain Leader Assessment last October I’ve taken the plunge and started up in business as a mountain guide.  Not a Guide – a Mountain Guide is someone who is trained to a much more technical level than I will ever be.  I’m content to be a Leader, and confine myself to un-roped guiding work.  However it seems to be normal to refer to mountain leading as mountain guiding.

Anyway, I’ve planned some guided walks for 2015, and set up a website to advertise my services:

As part of that website, I’ll be writing a blog on a fairly regular basis:  Wyvis Walks

So if you want to find out what’s happening from now on, you’ll need to link through to the new pages.

Best wishes to all


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Summer Mountain Leader Training

Summer Mountain Leader Training

The team, having a short break on the summit of Creag an Leth-choin in the Cairngorm hills. A great week in the hills, in good company!

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Meall a’Chrathaich, 3rd June


Beautiful Cladonia diversa lichen on a boulder just below the summit of Meall a’Chrathaich.  This was my 600th Marilyn, climbed with my eldest daughter Katy for company.

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Barefoot Injury

After about three months of running barefoot, I have finally acquired a minor injury. Not plantar fasciitis, or a blister. No, today I slipped on some mud, whilst running around the golf course in heavy rain.  And the result?  A nasty wee sprain on a toe. It isn’t bad enough to stop me running or walking though.

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Tinto, 14 November 2013


A quick raid from the main car park, reaching the top in 32 minutes. Beautiful views all round, with the setting sun low in the south-west. A great wee hill.

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Ben Nevis Hill Race 2013

Another tough run on the Ben – it never gets any easier! This time we got a view from the top – but no time to appreciate it.


2:22:44 was my official time – 201st out of 473 finishers, so although I’m getting slower I seem to be moving up the rankings!

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Carn Ban, 23rd July

Cloudy, until the climb up onto the shoulder of Carn Ban. Then I walked up out of the clouds into a different world. Beautiful. This photo looks south-east towards Ben Wyvis.


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Highland Cross 2013

A wet day in Kintail! Actually, the rain wasn’t too bad until Strawberry Cottage, some 10 miles further on. I really did enjoy the run this year, and the time of 3:02 was pretty good for me. Encouraging – still bucking the trend! The bike was very wet and unpleasant, and I was relieved to cross the finish line in one piece. 4:33 – another PB – this can’t go on forever.


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Beinn Mheadhoin

A lovely morning at the head of Strathconon, on Saturday last. Beinn Mheadhoin is only 665m, but a good viewpoint for higher hills


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