Beinn Bhuidhe Mhòr

‘S toil leam ruith-mhonaidh. Agus ‘s e seo am monadh as fhaisge orm – Beinn Bhuidhe Mhòr. Tha “Trig Point” air mullach a’ bheinne, agus tha frith-rathad a’ dol bho Fionn-glac suas gum mullach. Tha an frith-rathad beagan cas, ach chan eil e ro chas airson ruith. Mar sin, ruith mi – gu slaodach!

About jonwyvis

Not in order of importance: Slow runner who likes hills and mountains - especially Scottish ones. Christian who believes that Jesus was a radical as well as being the Son of God. Water Engineer who likes to work where his skills are really needed. Husband and father who often makes a mess of his responsibilities.
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